Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Peter Supports Obama but Loves Corsi More.

Journalists have often been accused of being unprincipled, without conscience and available for hire by any or all bidders. This quackery is typified by one Peter Mbae, who recently offered to take up the ignoble responsibility of sprucing the floor upon which some American bigot had intended to stomp. He should be grateful for the pre-emptive government intervention that may well have averted a messy conclusion to his principal’s provocative venture.

There are those who are arguing that the deportation was just what Corsi had hoped for in order to get the ensuing publicity. I think they are being too generous in ascribing to the man a cleverness that he simply does not have. There is ample evidence of the man’s stupidity in the piles of rubbish that he pens copiously and to suggest that he’s capable of such a plot is merely to argue for the sake of argument. In any case, Corsi has had extensive publicity on news networks and the internet such that a dramatic jaunt to Kenya is unlikely to impact on it one way or another. If Obama loses this election, it will certainly not be because of Corsi’s campaign in the US or Kenya.

Peter Mbae says that he had never heard of Corsi or his works before he visited Kenya. That is ignorance of an ugly sort from a man who claims to be a journalist and media consultant. But what is more bizarre is that he (Mbae) was one of the founders of a group known as the Senator Obama Worldwide Supporters whose mission was to counter the smear campaign that questioned Obama’s politics, patriotism and religious beliefs. At their launch in June this year, they said “We want to ensure that what Senator Obama stands for is not diluted by cheap propaganda”. Since the group had declared that it was not being funded by the Obama campaign, it is safe to surmise that Mbae has since had a change of heart and decided to pursue more profitable enterprise like coordinating Corsi’s campaign in Kenya.

It is Mbae’s right to sell his skills (clumsy as they are) to the highest bidder, but in this case even Dr. Jerry himself would find it difficult to agree that any useful services were rendered. Having been actively engaged in last year’s parliamentary elections during which he went on a party hopping spree like a headless chicken, Mbae should have been a little bit more equipped to help his client navigate the local political waters more sensibly. Clearly he flunked and the last he was heard of, he was grumbling about outstanding payments from Corsi.

Soldiers for hire are also known as Dogs of War. The equivalent for local journalists would be… waandishi kwa bei ya jioni?

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