Tuesday, March 25, 2008

A Bungling Exams Council and the Illogical Professor.

The clumsy handling of last years KCSE results fiasco by the exams council is perhaps a pointer to increasing incompetence at Mtihani House. The number of complaints arising from the many examinations conducted by the KNEC is on the rise with every passing year. Is it that previous personnel at the council conducted themselves like Caesar’s wife (above suspicion) or have ‘clients’ become wiser with time? I certainly hope the latter.

The forcefulness with which the education minister defended the council’s ineptness, explaining it away as a computer error was just bizarre. Sometimes when I listen to the old man speak, I find it painful to accept that he is actually a Professor of medicine. Or a Professor of anything at all! … That the council’s computer made an error? Rounding off? The ageing Professor must be computer illiterate or thereabouts. He’s definitely not familiar with the maxim that if you feed your computer crap, it gives you back crap. (And by the way, Professor Ongeri is not new to spewing crap. During the late eighties when he served under Moi he declared that “as a medical doctor I want to confirm that queue voting is good for your health”.) This man should have been retired along with his mentor(?) Moi under whom he was tutored in the ways of tyranny.

Maybe an inquiry into the council’s past conduct of examinations would just reveal depths of rot that would warrant overhauling the whole disgraceful council.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Back to Blogs.

Even bloggers take a holiday. About three months since I was last in these parts on account of creaking body parts. I’m now well nursed and good to get back to the exciting blogosphere. I’ve had days to catch up with goings on the Kenyan scene which seems to have lately become more depressing than exciting. Still, we blog on.